Apr 18 2012

Three useful tips with Google Forms

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My first tip is how to use Flubaroo to mark the results collected from students through a Google Form. The video below gives you an overview of how you can use it. I’ve followed the step-by-step instructions on how to use Flubaroo from their site and it worked really well and in record time!  I can see this saving me HOURS of work.

My second Google Form idea came from an older post on the Google Docs blog showing how you can use Google Forms to create a ‘Choose your own adventure’ story. This would be quite a novel way for students to build their own pick a path stories.

Here are a couple of examples of this in action:

The lily pad

The woods

The final useful idea is using Google Forms to collect information which can be used to create individual letters (mail merge). This would be really useful if you are using Google Forms for administrative purposes.

Have you stumbled over any good Google Form tips recently or have you tried some of the above already?

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