Wall Wisher – online brainstorming

What is Wall Wisher?

Wall Wisher is an online Web 2.0 application that allows someone that has signed up for an account (free) to create a digital wall.  Once given the URL of the wall, a number of users can simultaneously post virtual sticky notes to the wall making it a great tool for gathering contributions during a brainstorming session. A big advantage is that the users do not need to have accounts themselves to post a sticky note so it is quick and easy to use in a group situation. Sticky notes can contain up to 160 characters and can include hyperlinks to other sites. Multimedia that is hosted online on other sites, such as images, videos and sound files, can also be added to a sticky note by using the URL. Once a wall has been created, you can also embed the wall in other online spaces such as wiki pages or blog posts.

How can you use Wall Wisher in your classroom?

This simple yet effective tool has a number of classroom applications. Here is a list of some ideas to get you started.

Use Wall Wisher to:

  • brainstorm knowledge about a topic before beginning a study
  • brainstorm key questions to investigate during a study
  • summarise key learning points about a topic after a study
  • collect student feedback on a lesson
  • have students collect feedback from their peers on the work they have completed
  • create ‘to do lists’
  • link to online resources for a given topic
  • link to work that students have completed that is available online
  • create a multimedia space for a topic where students can view videos and images or listen to sound files as well as add their own
  • brainstorm ideas on how to deal with issues that have arisen in the classroom
  • have students document how they are demonstrating the key competencies

To see Wall Wisher in action and add your own ideas to the ones above, visit the wall set up at this address: http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/interface

Example of Wall Wisher

Example of Wall Wisher

How does Wall Wisher work?

Visit http://wallwisher.com and sign up for a free account. Click on ‘Build a wall’ at the top right of the screen. You will then be given a number of options for your wall.

Wall Wisher interface

You need to add a title, subtitle and image for your wall.  You also need to choose the end of the URL for the wall and decide who will be able to leave sticky notes on the wall. Once you have completed all of those steps, click on ‘Done’ in the bottom right of the screen. The wall will be created and you will be sent an email containing the URL of the wall to give out to other people.

To add a sticky note, users need to double click anywhere on the wall.  You can type up to 140 characters into a sticky note. You can also add an image, audio track or video link by pasting in the URL of where these are hosted online.When you have finished adding your content to the sticky note,  need to click on ‘OK’ on the bottom right corner of the sticky note to ensure the note is visible to others and remains on the wall.

Close up of a sticky note.

Close up of a sticky note.

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